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The Toretto Virus Car

This concept was to be one of the final villain entities of the show. The car is autonomous and has no driver seat. It was designed to look angry, aggressive, sinister and

unfriendly, with special capabilities such as electronic eyes, airless tires, military style color body armor, extendable front wheels and a shape that is both aerodynamic and brutal.

Int total contrast to the Toretto Virus car, the R.O.A.M. car needed to be friendly, cute, approachable, playful, agile and whimsical. It also needed to exude futuristic, streamlined tech

The R.O.A.M. Car

This classic sports car concept was designed to emulate classic 60s sports cars as closely as possible. I modeled the interior and exterior together in Autodesk Maya, then rendered the images, then digitally pained and textured over the renderings.

These above and below are images of Cisco's truck. The exterior is the season 2 version, and the interior design remained the same throughout the series.

Cisco's Truck

I modeled this car in Autodesk Maya...Exterior and interior.

The Toretto Virus Car

The Toretto Virus Car

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